Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Car Violation

It's been a long few days! I know this blog isn't really about our home, but it's about us. This weekend (Sunday night) we discovered Joel's car had been stolen. It was found out by the airport and had been impounded before we even knew it was gone. They pretty much stripped the inside--the driver's side glass, the radio, the seats (yes, the seats), steering column, etc...The sad part is that we didn't have full coverage on it because Joel rarely drove it. So, all repairs come from our wallets, which will prevent us from doing some things to update our new house. We are very bummed, especially because it was Mother's Day, my birthday, & a week before closing on our new home. But, God is good. We weren't injured, our home was broken into, we don't really need 2 cars right now, the place we're getting it fixed is finding us LOTS of used parts to keep the cost down, and the list goes on. We will stay focused on God's blessings! Below are pictures so you can see the damage...I will say, it's kind of depressing!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lots of Pictures!

Here is the front of the house & those bushes we'll be taking out! Below is the back of the house and the deck we'll be taking out in June. Great for BBQ's--come on over! At the very bottom is the inside on the first floor--the living room & dining room, kitchen and family room.

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! We had a great weekend working on the house (a little) and spending time with Joel's mom. We worked in the yard yesterday & firing up the sprinkler system today. I took some pictures today of the front & back of the house and most of the first floor. I'm putting the pictures in a separate blog because it is so much easier than putting them in this blog. On another note, we had a great day today, but came home to find Joel's car stolen. We have been so thankful God has watched over us for the past 2 years. We only have 6 more weeks at this apartment, but we just didn't make it! :) The car was found, a bit torn up, but still "driveable"--minus the passenger seat, rear window, driver window, ignition & dashboard. We'll pick it up tomorrow and see what the insurance company says. Who said we didn't have enough stress in our lives?