Monday, April 20, 2009

Growing Feet





Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sweet Face

This picture is from about a month ago...One of the moms in my "Monday Mommy Group" brought her camera to group and took some pictures...I just love his face in this one!

On Thursday when I was working, Anders went to my friend Monique's house and our friend Annadee (the one with the camera!) came over to help (2 adults with 3 kids is easier than 1 adult with 2 kids!). I guess all three boys watched some "Baby Einstein" they are intently watching! Ryan (the one in stripes) is Monique's son and Elijah (the one with the blue blanket) is Annadee's son. Anders is in the back with his camo sleep sack on. How cute! I am so thankful for awesome friends!

I hope to get some pictures posted soon from our adventures in Virginia with Aunt Aimee, Uncle Gary, Cousins Faith & Avery and Oma & Opa!