Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cute Feet

I'm addicted to pictures of Anders' feet. It's true.

I've posted pictures of his cute, adorable feet previously.

I have a few new pictures from May & June.

Playing Piano & Cute PJ's

In all of Anders' discovering the world around him, he has found the piano. Because he enjoys pulling himself up to the standing position, he has found that doing a pull-up on the piano bench and then reaching his little fingers onto the keys makes fun noises.

On another note, in the past few weeks, Anders' room has gotten warmer so we've been able to dress him in lighter weight pajamas. Through the winter he needed to wear fleece PJ's and a sleep sack and we turned on a heater in his room to keep him warm. But with the warmer weather, we've been able to lessen the amount of clothes he wears to bed. The problem was we didn't have any PJ's for him to wear. I found these at a used store (they are brand new!) and they are about the cutest PJ's I've seen.

Here are a series of pictures Joel took tonight in those aforementioned PJ's.

Famiy Pictures at the Zoo

We enjoyed another day at the zoo today with some friends. It was a beautiful day today after a weekend of rain and rain and rain. Being outside was a great change of pace for all of us after being a bit stir crazy over the weekend.

While we were there, we took a few family pictures.

A Barrel of Laughs

Anders is growing up so quickly. Much quicker than I would like. As much as I think I'm in control as a parent, I'm not. Not at all.

Some of his recent "tricks" are:

*Pulling himself up (including in his crib)
*Throwing temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way
*Eating mountains of food
*Sleeping 11+ hours through the night--we sure like this "trick"!

Here are some recent pictures from around the house: