Sunday, February 18, 2007

President's Day Eve Ramblings

So, here it is a month later & I haven't blogged. It has been a busy month indeed! Both Joel & I have been busy with work and other commitments. We have finally been able to enjoy a long weekend at home. I've been spending a lot of time recently scrapbooking. In the scrapbook world everyone always has a project current projects are my regular album; mine run from May to May since we were married in May. I just have 1 one page to do (hopefully tomorrow) and I am all caught up through Christmas! I am also working on an 8"x8" dog book about our adorable puppy, Haiku. I have the book & all the pictures, I just haven't started yet. I think I'll bring it with on my trip this week and see if I can get some done with my sister, Aimee.

What we have been able to do in the last few weeks is get Haiku together with lots of our friends' dogs--Larry, a friend from work & his dog Phoenix, Garrett & Jordan (even though they live in Greeley), and their dogs Glacier & Arya, plus their family's dogs, Scout, Rosie, Chicken & Biscuit, plus our friends Betsy & Aaron & their crazy puppy Libby (short for Liberty Belle)...and our friends Tracy & Kim and their big ole' dog, Fozzie. (pictured here--it's a miracle they both sat still enough for a couple of pictures). What fun! They are both tuckered out at the end of the day!

So just when you think "how could she be ANY cuter??" take a look at the pictures below. Joel came home from work the other day & found this disaster waiting for him. I am none too happy about it. Good thing I just got a sewing machine. I'm really sorry, mom! I hope I can fix them!

I have to say in her defense, that it is the only thing she has destroyed. And, they must have been tempting just hanging above her crate (you can see it above). I do have to brag about Haiku about one more thing. She has successfully figured out how to break out of her crate. We have resorted to padlocking the top & bottom of the crate while we're gone. She doesn't destroy anything (in fact Joel found her in her bed, in the basement==through 2 doors--the other day). I'm so proud of our little Houdini! :) Ha, not really! I can't wait until this summer when we'll be home more & hopefully have the gate fixed so she can be outside!