Sunday, March 21, 2010

All In a Day of Eating

Anders loves to eat. Most of the time. He does have his days where he is a bit pickier than I would like, but for the most part, he does love food. Some odd flavors he likes are Cool Ranch Doritos, Chili Cheese Fritos, taco meat & onions (in a recipe Joel makes), and random other food that little boys aged 19 months shouldn't particularly enjoy.

I am often amazed by what he likes to eat. But more often than that, I am amazed by how much he can eat in one sitting.

Others have taken note too.

My friend, Monique, watches Anders on Tuesdays while I work. This past week she wrote down everything he ate for lunch (and this was after he had a good breakfast that morning, mind you).

1 cutie (tangerine)
6 cherry tomatoes
1 small sized applesauce
1 fruit bar (adult size)
1 jar of fruit (baby food)
6 grapes
1/2 blueberry Cliff bar (adult size)
8 pieces of popcorn chicken
12 goldfish

And at the "end" of the meal, she wasn't really quite sure he was done, it was just time to move on to something else.

First Haircut

I'm so far behind it's almost hard to get started, but I want to post some pictures of what Anders has been up to in the last few months. So, here it is. His first haircut. This was actually January 20!

The lady who cuts my hair was willing to do Anders' first cut--and she had so much fun she did it for free! His hair has been growing like crazy since his first birthday--mostly in the back.

He sat very still for the entire process--about 10 minutes--although he hated the cape. Him sitting still was a total miracle--that doesn't happen very often.

Now that I've finally posted these pictures, he's actually ready for another haircut.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ages 2+

My new pet peeve is how toys are labeled for certain ages.

"This toy for ages 3-6 months" or "2+ only" or one of my favorites "Choking Hazard, 3+ only" on toys that are as small as a baseball. Really, a choking hazard? Is that like for elephants, or what? I know my kid can shove a heckofalotta food in his mouth, but a baseball sized toy? I'm not too worried.

As I was going through pictures from the last few months (I don't know if you have noticed I'm a bit behind in blogging, scrapbooking, and just "photo management" in general, but I am), I noticed how many toys we have that are not age-appropriate for Anders.

And here there are....
This puzzle we got from Joel's brother's family for Christmas.
It is for ages 2 & up.
Anders mastered it at 16 months.

These Wedgits (which I LOVE) are great.
They are for 2+ or maybe even 3+.
This one does say choking hazard.
The white piece you see by his foot are the smallest pieces.

First of all, yes, Joel is wearing shorts.
Second of all, what Anders is opening is a flashlight
he got from Oma for Valentine's Day.
Age 3+.

This great Bucket-O-Blocks is for 2+.
He got it on his first birthday and
has been playing with the blocks & tub ever since.
Wearing crazy outfits is not required.

I bought him this ball recently.
It has a handle on it so you can sit on it and bounce,
although his legs are no where near long enough.
Ages 3+

Now that I look back, 4 out of 5 of these were gifts.......