Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Best Buds

Although they don't know it yet, they will be best friends. 
And at times, I'm sure, worst enemies. 
But hopefully more of the former and less of the latter.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Different Perspective

I'm thankful...

that I don't always get a full night of sleep... means I have a newborn in the house.

that we have ongoing house projects to do... means I have a roof over my head.

that my 2 year old gets frustrated over puzzles... means he's learning.

that I have a few extra pounds to lose... means I have plenty to eat.

that I dread getting up at 5:30 on Tuesday mornings... means I have a job to go to.

that Wednesday mornings are often a scramble to get out of the house... means I can openly study God's word with awesome ladies.

that we're always scraping money together to fly across the country... means we have family & friends we love to visit.

that sometimes we have to say "no" to certain activities or events... means we have lots of great friends we enjoy spending time with.

that every Sunday afternoon, August-January, (and Thanksgiving Day, too) I have to watch football... means I have a husband to love.

that sometimes I have to ask for the dishes to get done... means I have a husband who loves me.

Happy Thanksgiving. Here's hoping you have lots of things to be thankful for, too.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Love This Kid!

Anders never ceases to amaze me with his funny faces, crazy antics and the way he can go from 0-60 MPH in 2.2 seconds and then back to 0 as fast you can blink an eye. Recently (OK, since like May) we've had a lot of trouble with Anders sleeping--him not staying in his bed, him not sleeping long enough, waking up in the night, etc... But just the other day he fell asleep while watching a DVD (I was downstairs getting ready). He had never done this before! He slept right there on the couch for at least 1.5 hours. What a cutie.

Then, yesterday at CBS (Community Bible Study), they studied Jacob's love for Joseph and created these "Coats of Many Colors". He only wore it for me today for like 30 seconds or less. But, how cute is this craft? I think Anders colored about a 1"x1" piece of it and glued on a small bible verse. But, it's cute anyway.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Last year, I went with some friends up to a Pumpkin Patch in Boulder. We had so much fun, we went again this year. My friend, Monique & her son, Ryan were able to go with us. This will be an annual tradition!

We checked out the goats...
Measured how tall we are (yes, he's almost 3' tall already!)...
Took some pictures by the pumpkins...
Hung around for a while...
Ate a snack...(Moique & I have learned to bring similar snacks when we go on field trips so the boys don't fight over what the other one has!)...
Pretended we were a girl...(I didn't even notice, Joel did when I showed him the pics)...
Walked, ran, sat, jumped along the path...
Took pictures by the tractors...
And checked out the donkey...
Did I mention it was at least 80 degrees out and we were all sweating by the time we got back to the car?

Why I Keep Haiku

It's no secret that I have a love/hate relationship with our dog, Haiku. I really do love her, but sometimes her whinning and her shedding really get to me.

But then I watch Anders with Haiku. And this is why I keep her.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Garden Time...

October seems like a strange time to be planting shrubs and flowers, but I guess it's a good time. Especially when the weather is so nice--like we've been having (90 here last Tuesday...). So, I've been busy this week looking for good deals on plants, purchasing and then planting them! It's a bit challenging with 2 young kids, but I am motivated!

The week after Cade was born, my dad & Joel worked in 95+ degree weather to build this retaining wall. It took them all week, but with the help of our neighbor and some of our friends, they were able to finish it!

This was the work they did this summer...

Joel's job was to build the wall. My job was to plant. So, it was time for me to hold up my end of the bargain!

I am hoping these small plants will grow to cover the utilities and part of the window...

 It doesn't look like much now, but hopefully it will grow & grow! 
I also planted some tulip bulbs--my first ever. 
Talk about a lesson in hope...plant them now and just hope they come up in the spring!

My Two Boys

I've had a hard time accepting the fact that I now have TWO boys! It makes life a bit more hectic, but a lot more fun. They totally look like brothers--but couldn't have more different personalities if we tried. Anders is very energetic, a bit stubborn and was a bit more sensitive to his surroundings, even as a baby. Cade is low-key, mellow and just all around easy going. I love them both!

Anders has adjusted to being a big brother, although I think he would enjoy having more "Mommy" time during the day. He loves to "hold" Cade on the couch and kisses him all the time. He tells everyone his name when they ask and can be very sweet to Cade. We do have our moments of jealousy, irritation and other "2 year old behavior". But, we have begun to get into our routine and life is moving forward!

I love little baby feet! Cade has long, long toes!

Anders' face looks a little beat up in this picture. 
That's because it is. 
He has a bruise on his nose from knocking his face into the floor in a fit of rage and
I'm not sure where the mark on his right cheek came from. 
We won't even mention his legs and knees!

I love these kids!

Quick Trip

Last weekend we made a quick trip to Butte, Montana with Joel's mom, Rhonda. Her mother turned 80 and there was a surprise birthday party for her! We loaded up the van and drove 14 hours on Friday...including a number of stops along the way--one in Buffalo, WY to visit Joel's Aunt & Uncle. We know where every McDonald's with a playplace is from here to Butte! (And we weren't happy with a couple that didn't have one!) The boys did great traveling but we were all glad to get there on Friday night.

Joel's family owns a concrete plant in Butte, so Joel's Uncle Rande took Anders up to the plant to climb on and explore the big semis, trucks and bulldozers they use. Anders had such a great time playing and riding in one of the huge semis, he fell asleep!

That night was the surprise party. It was a great time celebrating Great Grandma Shirley's birthday. However, Anders found that running around with the helium balloons was more fun!

Rhonda, Great Grandma Shirley, and Rhonda's two brothers (Rodd on the left and Rande on the right)!

On Sunday we loaded up the car again for the 14+ hour drive home. We stopped in Buffalo again and Joel caught a quarter of the Broncos game. We made it home about 10:30pm and Anders was up at 6am the next morning ready to go. He didn't miss a beat!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time Flies...

Time flies by so quickly, especially when you have 2 little ones around the house. It's hard to believe Anders is 2 and Cade is almost 3 months! I can't remember life without Cade and I certainly can't remember what I did with my time before Anders!

Here are a few pics from yesterday...Anders gets a cookie every time he stays in his bed for either his nap or at bedtime. I'd like to say that he was getting fat from cookies, but that is not the case.  Cookie treats are few and far between for this busy guy.

He loves his new "Tomato Head" t-shirt...otherwise known as "Mr. Potato Head". :)

We spend quite a bit of time with my friend, Monique. Her son is just 5 weeks older than Anders. They "play" together--at least once a week and are in the same CBS (Community Bible Study) class. They don't have much choice but to like each other! Here they are playing the piano. This lasted about 2 minutes.

And then there is Cade. He is my sweet, content, loves-to-be-held baby. I am so glad my boys have different personalitiies. Since they are so close together, it just wouldn't be as much fun if they were too much alike! Cade (at two months) has been been sleeping 9+ hours at night and is just cool, calm and collected much of the day. What a great baby!

He's going to be a charmer with all his smiling!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

We had a great Labor Day weekend, how about you? Spent time with our neighbors on Friday, church on Saturday night, a friend & I got a "hall pass" to go out sans kids after church, Sunday was a nice day at home and then we had a BBQ with friends and today I didn't get out of my PJs! Nice!

A few weeks ago Joel & a couple of his friends went to see Inception. My friend & I were "stuck" at home with the kids. So last night, it was our turn. Kid-free we went to grab dinner and to see the movie for ourselves. Wow. That's about all I can say about it right now. A must-see in the movie theaters. Even if you don't think it's your type of movie. Go see it. And then tell me what you thought of it!

Anyway, here are a few pics from our weekend. Cade has started smiling--and it's not just "gas" as everyone says. He really does smile--at least for me. :) Anders is like having a teenage girl in the house--moody as all get out. He does have his very, very sweet moments followed by screaming and 2 year old temper tantrums. I try to focus on those sweet moments. Today Joel was trying to teach him how to arm wrestle. Very cute.

Then Anders got a little out of hand in the bath tub splashing...

It was so nice to have Joel home for an extra day this weekend...and now we just have to make 4 more days until another weekend!