Sunday, August 12, 2007

High Expectations

All summer long I had been anxiously waiting the release of the 3rd "Jason Bourne" movie, The Bourne Ultimatum. I loved the first two movies and knew the third movie would prove to be the best one yet. I love the character of Bourne--his no nonsense way of dealing with situations and his "matter of fact" personality. Even though the world may be blowing up around him--literally--his facial expressions are always the same--cool, calm & collected.

Just before the release of movie #3, Joel and I re-watched The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy. I was totally pumped as we drove to the movie theater last Wednesday morning. I was not disappointed! It met and even exceeded my hopes and expectations. The third movie is the best, most action-packed, intense movie of the trilogy. The movie ties up some loose ends presented in Supremacy and even leaves the door open for movie #4. Wow, exciting stuff!

Last night, Joel and I started watching Band of Brothers, a Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg series about a group of men fighting in WWII. We borrowed the whole series from Joel's brother, Ted, again, with high hopes of a well produced, action-packed, moving story portrayed through film. We watched the first episode last night and again, we were not disappointed!

As I laid awake this morning thinking about these 2 movies, I realized that I had placed a lot of trust in the people who wrote, starred, produced, and edited these movies. Based on their previous work, I knew they would come through again--how could they not? They make millions of dollars to do what they do!

And yet, I find it difficult to trust the writer, producer and editor of my life. I sometimes refuse to believe that He can live up to my expectations in life. I put myself first, writing my script, trying to produce results and then editing the scenes in my life I don't like. Why is that? I can trust the team of Hanks & Spielberg, spending hour upon hour watching their movies, but I don't make time to read God's script. My priorities are out of whack--God's already written my story and he knows the story from start to finish! Why do I want to be in charge when I don't even know what today holds? He created the entire universe--not just a 2 hour blockbuster movie! God is the best writer, producer and editor and he gives us the starring role, if we would only trust Him and focus on his plan for our lives. Will you? I know you won't be dissapointed.


Flogger said...

We love the Jason Bourne movies as well and were not disappointed! Long live David Webb!!!

Amos said...

Oh my gosh you should write books!!! The last two paragraphs had me glued to this screen. How wonderfully written. You are a gift Sarah!

Ski said...

Best of luck with the start of a new school year! When do you start? or have you already? I just finished this wonderful week with Leanna Traill from New Zealand learning about literacy. IF you ever get the chance to take her workshop, I highly recommend it.