Saturday, March 07, 2009

March Update

It has been way too long since my last post. Just seems like we've been way too busy, but at the same time, it doesn't seem like we've been doing much at all. Crazy times.

Soon after our "weekend to forget" my parents came into town--and boy were we glad! We needed some reinforcements, encouragement and some help! It was a great week!

The week that Oma & Opa (Grandma & Grandpa auf Deutsch) were here, it seems like Anders just all of a sudden "grew up". We also enjoy spending lots of time with Gramma J. She comes over for dinner and hangs out with Anders and she has also been an awesome babysitter for us!

Here are some of his recent accomplishments:

*Easily rolls over every which way
*Two teeth coming in on the bottom
*Starting to sit up on his own
*LOVES eating food--pears, applesauce, sweet potatoes, mangoes, plums, and more to come!
*Really enjoys his horse, Hissan (Horse in Arabic)--he can really jump, jump, jump!
*Oma taught him how to sit in the swing at the park. I'm not sure if he likes the swing or watching the big kids play better. Either way, Haiku loves it because it means a trip to the park for fetch for her!
*In the past month or so, he has really started to enjoy bath time. He has always liked it, but now he's able to play and splash and laugh and have fun. I end up more wet than he does, it seems.
*Started interacting with his exersaucer more. He will spin around in it and just play away!
*I'm not sure if I can say he "loves" story time, but he sure seems to enjoy it. We do it as often as we can and he loves having "guest readers"!
*His coordination has gotten better and he is able to interact with toys more. There's a picture below of him with a very cute cowboy set my mom got him.
*And most of all, he just loves being with people. He loves his grandparents and his dad especially.


my3boys said...

Can't wait!...for my turn on Tuesday! :)

Jeni said...

I love all the great pictures!!! He's such a cute little guy! I'm putting in a request for some video...oh and of course I love seeing pictures of you with him.

Beverly said...

Yahoo! I was just telling Ted that I missed seeing Anders updates--obviously I hadn't visited your blog in awhile. :-) These are great pictures! I love the family pic at the're looking great! Anders is so sweet, and we miss him! Kenna always says his name when she sees his picture on our fridge. :-) I think she's been a bit confused over the coming baby brother...Anders is her only reference, LOL!