Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas is Coming...

As of right now we're:

9 days away from getting a nephew
9 school (work) days away from a 2 week break
17 days away from Christmas with Grandma J
22 days away from a visit from Opa & Oma
24 days away from 2010!

At the Jacobson house, we've been a little slow in getting ready for Christmas...everything just seems to take more time with a 15 month old!

We did get out the Christmas tree on Saturday, although it is still unlit and undecorated.

One step at a time around here.

Anders sure enjoyed watching/helping/making a mess while we set up the tree. Here are some pictures from his adventures.

Soon after we took this picture we heard the tinkling of the piano.
We turned around only to find Anders STANDING on the keys of the piano.
He had climbed on the lid of the tub, onto the piano bench and was standing on the keys of the piano reaching for pictures, ornaments and flowers on the top of the piano.
Gotta keep your eye on this one.


Beverly said...

Hee hee! We've had lots of those moments! Be sure to keep the camera handy, LOL. Enjoy your Christmas with a little one!

Anonymous said...
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