Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Different Perspective

I'm thankful...

that I don't always get a full night of sleep... means I have a newborn in the house.

that we have ongoing house projects to do... means I have a roof over my head.

that my 2 year old gets frustrated over puzzles... means he's learning.

that I have a few extra pounds to lose... means I have plenty to eat.

that I dread getting up at 5:30 on Tuesday mornings... means I have a job to go to.

that Wednesday mornings are often a scramble to get out of the house... means I can openly study God's word with awesome ladies.

that we're always scraping money together to fly across the country... means we have family & friends we love to visit.

that sometimes we have to say "no" to certain activities or events... means we have lots of great friends we enjoy spending time with.

that every Sunday afternoon, August-January, (and Thanksgiving Day, too) I have to watch football... means I have a husband to love.

that sometimes I have to ask for the dishes to get done... means I have a husband who loves me.

Happy Thanksgiving. Here's hoping you have lots of things to be thankful for, too.


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what a great post, sarah!