Sunday, June 18, 2006

Inside Project #1

After helping Rhonda sort, clean & pack up her house, we helped her move out on Friday. On Saturday, we had the biggest garage sale this side of the Mississippi! We made lots of money to help with our own move. Now, we're turning our focus to the inside of the house & getting ready to move in. Our first project was to take care of our guest bathroom. It had a leaky shower a few years ago that was fixed with beautiful marble. However, the floor & toilet didn't fare so well. We are having a new toilet installed (in the pictures you'll just see a hole where the HARVEST GOLD toilet used to be) on Monday, so we needed to get the floor bleached, cleaned & shellacked before then. You'll also see the bright green carpet that used to go into the bathroom. Rule #1 I've learned: bathrooms should not have carpet! So, today we'll be laying vinyl flooring. We're also shopping for lots of new items for our house! Check back soon because I'll be posting lots of pictures as we transform the house into our own! Also- for you out-of-towners, start planning your Colorado vacation now. Our guest room will probably be one of the first rooms done-complete with a queen size bed! (No more air mattresses!)


Ski said...

Congratulataions on getting Rhonda moved and starting on the house! It needs some serious updating as far as colors go-unless you are into the late 70's greens and golds. You are going to have strong (and sore) backs after all the moving you are helping with and your own. Enjoy making the house your own.

A very happy birthday to Joel!

Ski, Clint, Meghan and Tabitha

Tree Frog said...

Thanks, Ski. You know your getting older when you get a toilet for your birthday!