Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Meatloaf, like the food, not the singer. Just wanted to be clear on that. I haven't had time (or energy) to post too many pictures on my blog recently. We've been working non-stop from about 8am to about 10 or 11 at night at the new house. I have taken LOTS of pictures & can't wait to post them, we just haven't been at home for me to do it! Today is the big moving day so we won't have our computers for a few days...

But, I did want to share how awesome God has been at providing the right people at the right time for us. We are so blessed. So, thanks to all the following people (most of them don't even read the blog) :) What a blessing people can be! You don't have to read about all of them, I just want to be sure to remember everything that's happened!

Betsy & Aaron--friends who came over & actually helped us scrape popcorn when they have a whole new house of their own to do!

Garrett & Jordan-friends who took us out of town camping to give us a break from working--it was awesome!

Our new neighbors, Scott & Julie came over for a tour of our new house last night & brought us refreshing drinks!

Nick-thanks for letting us borrow your truck to buy a new lawn mower!

Mom Jacobson-for cleaning, painting, cooking & doing pretty much whatever we need at just the right time. (Including bringing us meatloaf & mashed potatoes over last night. We REALLY needed a home cooked meal!

Mom & Dad Hagen & Gary & Aimee--thanks for being excited about our new place from so far away & thanks in advance for helping us with projects when you visit!

TK & the boys-for helping us build our deck & do some projects around the house

Jim-our new next door neighbor let us borrow some of his tools incluing a leaf blower so we could clean off our driveway. We also asked us to do our first "neighborly action"--pick up his mail while he's gone! That's a new one for us!

Suzanne--thanks for helping us with paint colors & other project ideas!

Jeff-thanks for helping us save some money & borrow your tools!

Our small group & others who are helping us move tonight--Thank you!!

The people at TC Performance who fixed Joel's car when it was stolen--it looks awesome & was done for about 1/2 the estimate!!

All the salespeople we've dealt with have been VERY helpful & friendly (a few were a bit chatty), but none were pushy! Yeah! That's a miracle right there!

Thanks, God, for providing sales on a lot of the items we've needed to buy!

I hope we can be a blessing back to you & to others!

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