Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Harvest Gold to Black

One of the most dramatic changes (and expensive) was our kitchen.

We decided to go ahead and replace the Harvest Gold appliances sooner rather than later. We like the new look. What do you think?? But, just like with any home renovation project, this one had 2 bumps along the way. The first one came when the stove was delivered. It didn't fit!! The old thirty inch stove had somehow fit into the spot between the 2 counters, but this thirty inch stove didn't. I thought we were out of the Middle Ages & had a uniform way of measuring! But, alas, my dad's first project Saturday morning was to hack away at the counter to get it to fit. Poor guy couldn't even get breakfast until it was done!

The second bump came later Saturday afternoon when Joel & Dad set out to do a 15 minute project & hook up the water line (already existing) to the fridge so we could have cold filtered water & ice. Again, 3 hours later & two trips to Ace Hardware, it was done. Yeah Dad & Joel!!

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