Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Just Like My Mom

After two weeks of helping Rhonda move out, one & a half weeks working on this house, 3 days of packing & moving, and another week of working on the house with my mom & dad, Joel & I finally had a day or two to relax over the weekend. It was marvelous! We were able to enjoy all the work my parents helped us with--new lights, networking to all the rooms, fridge hooked up, boxes unpacked & curtains started. Thanks mom & dad!

Sunday evening rolled around & we found ourselves wondering what to do now? Since it was raining, I decided I may as well tackle one set of curtains I had been put in charge of finishing (she took most of them home to Wisconsin to finish). My mom had helped me cut everything out & measure carefully. She had shown me how to work the simple sewing machine, so I felt confident & ready for the task. My first row of stiches had be pulled out & resewn. There went my confidence. But, in the end, I did finish successfully.

However, about half way through working on the curtains, I had to stop and think for a minute, "I am just like my mom". Not because I had to take my first row of stitches out, but because here I was on a cool Sunday evening in the summer, sitting in front of a made-for-TV Sunday Night Movie , sewing AND enjoying myself! Ha! I'm older than I think. So, my thought passed & I moved on. Thanks for helping me out, Mom!

And thanks, Dad, too for all your help!

Scroll down for some pictures of our new place!! And, if you haven't seen them in person, why is that?? Stop by!

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Ski said...

Wow! The house looks great. You have done a wonderful job. I love the new look in the kitchen and the deck. Are there stairs leading down? Are the counters next? We'll stop in next time were in the neighborhood. :)

Take a well earned rest before school starts. I will be half time ESL this coming year.

Ski and family