Sunday, August 20, 2006

Curtains Away

One project my mom & I worked on while they were here in July was curtains. We knew we needed to do something ASAP. Mom & I measured, cut & worked on curtains for almost every window in the house. She took the fabric home & finished them up. Below are the curtains for my office (the pink/yellow ones) which I actually sewed myself. You will also see the dining room curtains & new paint. They are the same as the front living room windows. Thanks, mom!


Amos said...

Hey Sarah, Amy (Amos) here. Thanks for your comment. I was hoping you wouldn't think I was crazy!! Cause I'm not. Just a sweet Minnesota girl that grew up next to you Cheeseheads and love ya! By the way, love the curtains and even more love the all the crosses on the way. I needed some decorating ideas and that was a good one. My hubby's family lives in Westminster and we are headed out there for 2 weeks around Thanksgiving. And my really good friends just moved to the Longmont area and that is where we are looking to end up, we think anyway, the Big Man upstairs hasn't steered us any different as of yet. I love your blog and the sweet stories. My next question for you would be are you a teacher as well, I think that is what I am concluding that is what your hubby does? Just wondering. I stay at home with my 2 boys but we also have rental property that I do the paperwork for, and we own 2 semis, one my hubby drives and the other he has a driver for. Life has recently slowed down for us which is good, but still keeps us hopping with that stuff. Ok, I could go on forever but I'll save it for later. Glad to meet you my friend!

Amos said...

Make my terrible english say, love all the crosses on the wall, Oops!

Anonymous said...


Sarah was over at my house when we saw your original comment. How awesome is it that you stumbled upon Sarah's blog. I live in Littleton (which is SW of Denver). It sounds like you're looking at Longmont. It's nice up there too. You'll love Colorado...we do! Just so you know, you have more than one friend in CO too. I have three kids...two boys and a girl. I am currently staying at home, but I'm going to try subbing this year a little bit too. I'm so glad you posted on Sarah's blog. The Lord will lead you where he wants you, but it's hard to wait isn't it? Julie