Sunday, September 17, 2006

Two Cars

I know it doesn't seem like much from the picture, but it's a pretty big deal for us--two cars in the garage! Prior to yesterday we had so much stuff in the garage we could only fit Joel's car inside. Yesterday, while Joel mowed the lawn (it had been so long he had to do it 2x!) I worked on re-organizing the garage. I worked for a while--just long enough to get stuff moved around a bit. Next Saturday we'll do a lot more cleaning out. Then, hopefully when my mom & dad are here we can finish it up! Thankfully the weather has been cooler, so it is much more enjoyable to be outside. And, thankfully we could put both cars in the garage last night because when we got home from church the wind was howling!! It was really blowing. When we got up this morning the grill had been blown part way across the deck! Crazy! Winter is on the way! :)

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