Sunday, October 01, 2006

$2.39, 85 and 27-43

Fall has arrived! It is such a great season in Colorado! You can see how beautiful the leaves are by the pictures. These pictures are from our back deck & front porch. It's been crazy weather around here. A few weeks ago it turned cold--very cold. We were at a football game on a Friday night & it was actually snowing! Then, all of a sudden last week it was 85 degrees!! We actually were sunburned on Saturday! 85 degrees! Crazy!

We were at the Homecoming Football game for Joel's high school. The kids played well, but didn't really have a chance. They played a team from Weld County (farm country).A couple of the boys were well over 6'5" and one was even 285lbs! They also had a small team & the boys played both offense & defense. Our team is very good this year, but just couldn't stand up to that. We lost 27 to 43. It was still fun to be outside in the warm weather. The final part of my title is $2.39...we're actually HAPPY to be paying that for a tank of gas! 5 years ago that would have seemed outrageous! :)
Enjoy your day!

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