Sunday, July 20, 2008

Leveling the Floor

As I mentioned in my blog, Nursery Construction 101, we had some work to do on the floor of the was not level (but 4-5 inches) on one end.

Well, today was the day to begin work on this project. Our friend, Lee, came over this morning to help Joel tackle it. For you construction workers out there, please do not hold me to all of the terms used below--it's just my female interpretation fo the project!

The first part of the project was to start laying the subfloor (the large square pieces of plywood with plastic on the bottom). They are held in place with industrial adhesive. Joel worked on this while Lee cut down boards (like shims) to level the floor.

As they worked across the room, the subfloor pieces went right over the shims.

They then placed heavy objects (like our file cabinet) on the floor to press it down into place. The glue they used will dry and hold it all together!

They are currently at Home Depot getting some more supplies. Checklist for the completion of the nursery:

1. Finish flooring
2. Carpet
3. Install baseboards
4. Install trim around doors/closet
5. Install window sills
6. Install trim around window sills
7. Paint, caulk all trim and baseboards
8. Move in baby stuff!!!


Ski said...

Looking good! Don't stress too much about getting all the little things done, if they aren't done you have a few weeks while the baby is in a bassinet near your bed. Although a changing table and a place for clothes would be nice.

Joel looks like a young, skinny version of our dad in the picture above.

Mr J said...

Holy cow. Who's the bald guy????

Ski, it's crazy looking at pictures and how much I seem to look like dad more and more. Hopefully I can maintain the "skinny" version!

Beverly said...

Can't wait to see the baby AND his beautiful room!!