Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Truth

The truth is I'm not the real writer in the family. Although I do love the format of posting blogs, I don't do much other kinds of writing--unless you call creating forms and documents at work "writing". And I'm almost positive that the little journaling I do in scrapbooks doesn't count either.

The real writer in the family is Joel. Most people know that because he teaches High School English and his pride and joy is teaching Creative Writing. But very few people really see how much he enjoys writing and even fewer really, truly get to experience his creative expressions.

One of his outlets is his own blog--A Poetic Matter, but that's just one of many. He keeps writing ideas around the house, journals of his poetry and I'm sure his brain is full of many more ideas just waiting to spill out.

His writing is a bit edgy and oftentimes I need a bit of explanation, which I'm sure makes him crazy. I just wasn't gifted with that type of mind. But, he is very creative, interesting and innovative. I can't wait to see what he'll write about next.

So, when you have a chance, check out his blog. And maybe some day, the book he's working on, too.


Ski said...

I enjoy reading Joel's blog and would love a chance to read his book. Even as a young child he was creative, especially when dealing with Ted who would make all the rules so that he could win. :) Joel also loved to talk so I am glad he has put his verbal skills into writing. I haven't read much of his poems, I really liked the one he wrote after Beverly's miscarriage and would like to read more. I understand why he doesn't want to post them on the blog. Has he written anything with our cousing Eric (Jacobson) Moon? He writes and plays lots of music. do you ever get a chance to hear him? Lots of talent in the family.

Ski said...

I've been thinking about your post all day and I should have mentioned how much I enjoy your blog and hearing about all that you and Joel are doing. I love seeing the pictures as you upgrade and make the house yours. You may not be the writer that Joel is and I for one am glad that you write for your blog. I hope you will continue once Baby J arrives.

Mr J said...

I knew my brother was cheating!!!!

I have Eric's contact info, but I just haven't made contact. I'd love to go downtown sometime and watch him gig.

Tracey said...

this is not this entry specific....but i want to see some pictures of you!!! i cannot believe you are due in less than a month!
maria and i have been talking about making plans to come out there after the baby is born...