Thursday, October 08, 2009


We've been as busy as ever...and Anders is on the go with us. Here are few pictures from the last few weeks...

My handsome Little Man. He looks good in brown. :)

Where's Anders?
(Our friends gave Anders this great bucket of blocks for his birthday.
It's hard to tell which he likes more--the bucket or the blocks!)

There he is!

Stacking blocks! About 2 or 3 high is about all we can do right now.
This morning I was watching him stack the blocks
and every time he turned to pick up another block,
his other hand would inadvertently knock over his stack.
So, needless to say, 2 high was all he got this morning!

You can see how tall Anders is getting!
(And how dirty the front of my dishwasher is!)

A co-worker got this outfit for Anders last year.
I remember thinking "He'll never fit this!" and, here it is, a year later.
The sweatshirt is already too small!

Hiding in cabinets...
(and you can see he pulled the drawer above it open, too!)


Nathan Charlan said...

Picture of the little man just make me smile. I love the one of him stacking blocks!

my3boys said...

Too cute! Can't wait to see him again!

Beverly said...

Yahoo! Thanks for the cute pics!