Thursday, December 07, 2006

Haiku Surprise!

Surprise! As many of you know, Joel has wanted a dog since before we even met. He's been really sad about not being able to get one this past summer. We were just too busy! So, this week when a parent told me in the dismissal pick up line at school she'd give me one of her black lab puppies for FREE, I just had to say YES! So, I told Joel he needed to come home early on Wednesday for a surprise. He thought maybe dinner & a movie! I had him pull his hat over his eyes and we drive all over town. I couldn't fool him though--he knew where we were (within a block). I had the student bring out on eof the puppies and put it in Joel's arms while he was still blindfolded. We all took pictures. It was so cute & Joel was totally surprised. He thought we were just there to look!

We went inside and he picked out Haiku (her name) from the 4 remaining puppies--3 girls and a boy. She is very calm (for a puppy) and is very sweet. We went and got her shots right away and brought her home last night! And so the joy begins!!



Beverly said...

What a cutie! Can't wait to meet Haiku in person! The kids will love her too, I'm sure. :-)

TWilliford said...

She's adorable! You know we are big fans of Labs... Molly and Haiku could be good friends. Congratulations on your new family member!