Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Snowy Day

One of my favorite books as a kid was The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats and here in Colorado we have had MANY snowy days, just like in the book! Early last week the weather forecasters predicted a HUGE storm for Wednesday & Thursday but I'm not sure people really believed them. They have been wrong before, you know. On Wednesday morning (our last couple of days of work before Winter Break), we woke up to find that school had been canceled for Wednesday. Crazy because it hadn't begun SNOWING yet! But, alas, school was canceled. It's the first time I was actually sad to have school canceled-- we were going to see Charlotte's Web as a whole school! Joel was also a bit disappointed because Wed/Thurs were final days at school and it's always easier to get those over with rather than having to go back after break and finish them up. Anyway, as you may know, the city of Denver was pretty much shut down all of Wednesday, Thursday & most of Friday. Needless to say, our Winter Break started 3 days early!!! We had almost THREE feet of snow!!! The drifting made some areas of our yard pile up to 5 feet!

We had a great time being at home, shoveling our above- ground deck--have you ever shoveled your DECK??, meeting our neighbors (thankfully one had a snowblower he was lending out) and playing with Haiku in the snow. She was a bit scared a first--the snow is well over her head--but our neighbor's 80 pound+ yellow lab showed Haiku how it's done. Haiku has a new friend and they are super cute!We are dug out of the snow for now, although the roads aren't great! We went to Greeley last night to see our friends Garrett & Jordan and made it back in time for the Broncos game. (priorities here people). And, guess what? It's snowing again!

Tonight we will go to church and spend the evening with my mother in law, Rhonda, celebrating our Savior's birth. Our priority this year is to remember why we give gifts at Christmas--because Jesus gave us the best FREE gift of all. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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Ski said...

I am glad you all survived the storms safe and sound! And yes I have shoveled off and deck and a tree house. The trees house succombed to a late May snow storm, one of those storms with lost of wet, heavy snow. We also missed the last day before break due to the weather, a wind/rain storm that knocked out power, downed trees and flooded streets. Stay safe for the rest of vacation and enjoy the snow.