Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Quilt & Paper

This past summer we helped my mother in law move out of her house so we could buy it from her. One of the things we had to do was clean out the closet of all of Joel's dad's clothes. It was a very hard day for both Joel & Rhonda as they took most of the clothes to the Denver Rescue Mission. What Rhonda didn't know is that Joel & I kept aside some of Joel's dad's favorite shirts. We put them in a box & hid them! Over Labor Day weekend, my friend Jordan helped me start to piece the shirts together into a quilt. My mom & Jordan's sister in law, Briony, helped me finish it up. I had to have someone do the quilting for me, but otherwise, it was my second quilt! I am very proud of it and Rhonda loved it--we gave it to her for Christmas. It is a great reminder of special times. Here is a semi-good picture of it.

We allowed Haiku to make a mess of our wrappings on Christmas morning. It was hilarious. Not as much fun as kids, but close! Doesn't it make you want to get a puppy?? Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! We did--we were in our pj's until 5:30pm! :)


Amos said...

Sarah you are one precious person. Making that quilt for your mother in law was awesome. Hopefully when we do end up living there we can meet because we have so very much in common I think. Well, definitely scrapbooking for sure! Who can't help but get addicted to that! Merry Christmas to you and Joel.

Anonymous said...


That is awesome! I bet Rhonda was blown away. What a special reminder! I agree with Amos. You are one special person. I'm glad you guys had a fun Christmas. Why don't you start having some kids and make it really fun! JK

Love ya,


Jeni said...

Wow! The quit turned out great!! Did she cry? I bet she loves it! You guys look great. I can tell you're enjoying that puppy! :) Jeni

Ski said...

Thank you for thinking of making such a special gift to Rhonda! Were any of those shirts she had made for our dad? Now she can cuddle up in the quilt and feel close to him. Even though I haven't met you I agree with the others, you are special.

Beverly said...

Glad you guys had such a good Christmas! What a great gift idea for Rhonda. I know she loved it. You did a great job!