Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Joel & I have been in a couples small group for almost 3 years now. This summer, four of us had babies in July & August. Anders is the youngest. Zachary is the "old guy" of the group--he was born in March 2007. So, total there are 5 kids (four of them boys!)--it makes for a crazy group on Wednesday nights.

A couple of weeks ago we took these pictures with 3 of the 5 of them...they are sure to be good buds as they grow up.

I'm not sure Anders really knew what was going on...

Anders, Zachary & Ryan
Anders & Ryan--Ryan's not sure why he has to share his comfy chair with someone else...
Anders & Zachary

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Amos said...

They are all so cute together. And growing up fast. I recongize Zachary too. I have pictures of my boys with our friends kids too, it is so fun to look back later and see how they have changed.