Thursday, October 02, 2008


A number of people have asked me how Haiku has weathered the storm of having a new baby in the house.

It depends on the day.

Overall, she has been very good with Anders. Her worst habit is "drive-by licking". She loves to run by and lick his hand or his foot. We're working on that. Most days, we get out of the house (Anders in the stroller) and walk down to the park. Anders sleeps and Haiku gets a lot of time playing fetch. Those are the good days.

Days like today, when I stay instide all day, Haiku gets a bit restless. And I get a bit irritated. And we all don't get along too well.

So, that moral of the story is: get out more. We'll try again tomorrow.

She is a great dog. Here she is with her favorite chew toy...a 2 liter bottle. What I can I say? We're cheap!


Amos said...

Yep, First "Doggie" babies have a hard time when real babies take their place. Good idea on getting out and playing fetch. What a sweet pooch!

Ski said...

The cheap toys are the best for kids and pets-paper bags, cardboard boxes, sting and paper . . .
One of our cats favorite toys is one of those soft plastic bracelets that have insperational sayings on them. She bats it all over the house at all hours of the day and night.
Glad that overall she is adjusting well, kids get so they love those drive by licks, it's good distraction and makes them laugh.