Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Celebrating Easter

Much like celebrating Christmas, celebrating Easter is so much more fun with little kids! Although we know that these holidays hold a great meaning for us as Christians, I do think it's OK to have a little fun with the "commercialized" parts of the holidays, too!

On Sunday, Anders got to participate in his first ever annual Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma J's house. The "treats" inside were pieces of Cliff Bar, which he loves, so he was a bit motivated to keep "looking" for the eggs...

(I love this super cute, super preppy button down shirt my mom gave him!)

It was great fun--I think next year he'll be the perfect age for it--and he'll have a little brother to show how it works, too!

On Monday, I had to work and Joel stayed home with Anders. It was the all-day opening of baseball season (Sunday night was the official opening, for all of you technical people out there), so Joel and his friend, Jason, spent the day together with Anders and Jason's daughter, Abbey. When the mom's got home from work, we had dinner together and then made these cute hats my mom sent us...Anders wore his around for  quite a while, but Abbey was not so thrilled!

And just for the record:
1. Anders took a big spill last week (while I was gone) on the pavement and skinned his nose. It is healing up just nicely.

2. Yes, Anders' shirt really does say "I got my mommy's good looks and my daddy's gas". It is kind of a joke t-shirt from our friends Jason & Krista. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It's funny now, but I cry for Anders' future wife. I know how it will smell.


my3boys said...

So super cute!

Beverly said...

Hi-LAR-ious! So glad you spelled out what was on the shirt, because I didn't notice that part. :-)