Sunday, April 04, 2010

Doggone Cute

I love my dog. I really do. Yes, I have to force myself to say that outloud just to remind me that it's really true.

I do love her. How could you not love this adorable dog?

But there are days where I'd like to give her to another family.

Like when she gets into the dirty diapers when we're gone (only #1--we take all #2's straight outside) or when she eats a bag of chips because she's mad I've gone somwhere without her. Or when she whines and whines and whines and whines and whines in the car when I do take her with us.

She has a habit of getting up in my face every time I sit on the floor.

She licks and licks and licks and licks.

She loves to chew her nails for about 20 minutes, right when I'm falling asleep at night. (Seriously, you laid around for about 8 hours today and this is the only time you could fit it in your schedule to gnaw on those nails?!)

She just seems to get right in the way during diaper changing time, playing with puzzles, reading books, tying my shoes, am playing on the floor with Anders, or when we're trying to take a nice Easter picture.............

But she also loves to curl up in the sun and lay there for hours.

And she is the best ball fetcher I have ever seen.

She loves the water and is so cute playing in it.

And most of all, she tolerates Anders. His "hugs", his tugs, his smacks, his desire to be close to her while she watches out the front glass door, and when he is screaming at the top of his longs.

She runs to the top of the stairs instead of going outside in the morning so she can be the first one into his room to get him up.

And sometimes, just sometimes, she curls up right next to us as we read books on the floor.

So in the end, I will give up my own sanity so my boys can have a dog to love. And I love her, too.

Most of the time.

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