Friday, April 09, 2010

New Look for Anders

I took Anders to get a hair cut this morning--although it doesn't look like he has much hair, he really does. It's just very fine & very, very blonde.

He wasn't really interested in sitting in the chair this time, so I let him sit on my lap. Then he wasn't interested in having the cape on, so we used a towel. Then he just wasn't interested in sitting still so he got to have his first lollipop! It was a MESS! The amount of drool that came out of his mouth in the 10 minutes we sat there was incredible!

In the end, he is one handsome dude and we have now introduced the "faux-hawk". Kind of like a mohawk, but much more tame.

And, it is the Rockies home opener today at 2:10pm, so there has been much talk of baseball around our house!


my3boys said...

Can't wait to see him! Too cute!

Beverly said...

He's SO adorable! I wish we lived closer so we could watch him grow in person and not just in pictures!