Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

We had a wonderful Mother's Day here in Colorado--the weather was beautiful! I spent all of this morning at church helping with the Children's Choir--they did such a great job! Then came home to enjoy lunch with Joel, Rhonda (Joel's mom) and Anders.

We had some time to take pictures and Joel got some really good ones of Anders. He discovered this hat--purchased by my mom a while back--in his old room and decided it was his new favorite thing. The only time he hasn't worn it in the past 3 days is to church and bed!

What a cutie--I sure am blessed!

We then went off to Joel's softball games--his team won both games today! Enjoyed some Macaroni Grill before watching the finale of Amazing Race. What a great day. 

Hope you had a great day, too!


Ski said...

Great pictures!

my3boys said...

A great Mother's Day for a great mom! You ARE blessed (but so are Joel, Anders, and Cade!)!