Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Slide and Some Staples

It's official: Anders is a climber.

Currently he climbs up and over anything he can. The sofa, chairs, the seats in the van.

And now the rails of his crib and the sides of his pack n play.

I'd say he's an expert.

Normally I'd be proud of his accomplishments. But I'm sure you can think of a few ramifications of said behavior.

I have been scearching Craig's List every day for the last few weeks--like 2 and 3 times a day--to find a slide or outdoor play equipment or something for this child to play on! But every time I emailed the equipment had already sold. Someone out there was a faster emailer than me!

I finally found a good deal on this slide set and I am so excited to finally have something for him to do that's "safe" (we'll see how long it takes him to figure out he can jump off of the top).

Tonight he was outside playing with Joel while I made dinner.

As a side note, those of you who are a bit perceptive may have noticed something odd about our dog.

Yes, she is wearing a cone on her head.

And a few more "yes statements" about this incident:

Yes, she did run around the neighborhood (taking herself for a jog as we call it) last Tuesday night while Joel and Anders were playing in the front yard and I was desperately trying to get some stuff done at work.

Yes, she came back to the driveway with blood spewing out her hind leg.

Yes, she required an emergency visit to the vet (which then met a fair amount of blood all over the backseat of the van).

Yes, I had to leave work early.

Yes, we were terribly stressed.

Yes, Joel had band practice for church that night, which he had to miss.

Yes, it cost a lot of money, although a lot less than what others have said their vet bills for similar injuries cost.

Yes, she has 5 staples in her ankle.

Yes, the cone is WAY more annoying than you can ever imagine. Can you imagine being Anders (or any of the other small children to visit my house in the last week) and being face to face with a dog with that thing on her head?!

And yes, this did make me (and Joel for a little while) want to give her away even more so than before.

Today the vet said we could come back any time between May 29 and June 1 to have the staples removed.

Yes, we will be there as early as possible on Saturday morning. Despite the fact that it's our anniversary.

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Ski said...

Does she have trouble walking through door ways with her cone on? Our dogs used to catch it on the door frame and our legs. Glad it's almost off. Still need to get the band aids sent to you. :)