Saturday, October 02, 2010

My Two Boys

I've had a hard time accepting the fact that I now have TWO boys! It makes life a bit more hectic, but a lot more fun. They totally look like brothers--but couldn't have more different personalities if we tried. Anders is very energetic, a bit stubborn and was a bit more sensitive to his surroundings, even as a baby. Cade is low-key, mellow and just all around easy going. I love them both!

Anders has adjusted to being a big brother, although I think he would enjoy having more "Mommy" time during the day. He loves to "hold" Cade on the couch and kisses him all the time. He tells everyone his name when they ask and can be very sweet to Cade. We do have our moments of jealousy, irritation and other "2 year old behavior". But, we have begun to get into our routine and life is moving forward!

I love little baby feet! Cade has long, long toes!

Anders' face looks a little beat up in this picture. 
That's because it is. 
He has a bruise on his nose from knocking his face into the floor in a fit of rage and
I'm not sure where the mark on his right cheek came from. 
We won't even mention his legs and knees!

I love these kids!

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