Saturday, October 02, 2010

Quick Trip

Last weekend we made a quick trip to Butte, Montana with Joel's mom, Rhonda. Her mother turned 80 and there was a surprise birthday party for her! We loaded up the van and drove 14 hours on Friday...including a number of stops along the way--one in Buffalo, WY to visit Joel's Aunt & Uncle. We know where every McDonald's with a playplace is from here to Butte! (And we weren't happy with a couple that didn't have one!) The boys did great traveling but we were all glad to get there on Friday night.

Joel's family owns a concrete plant in Butte, so Joel's Uncle Rande took Anders up to the plant to climb on and explore the big semis, trucks and bulldozers they use. Anders had such a great time playing and riding in one of the huge semis, he fell asleep!

That night was the surprise party. It was a great time celebrating Great Grandma Shirley's birthday. However, Anders found that running around with the helium balloons was more fun!

Rhonda, Great Grandma Shirley, and Rhonda's two brothers (Rodd on the left and Rande on the right)!

On Sunday we loaded up the car again for the 14+ hour drive home. We stopped in Buffalo again and Joel caught a quarter of the Broncos game. We made it home about 10:30pm and Anders was up at 6am the next morning ready to go. He didn't miss a beat!


taylordi said...

Great pictures! And a belated happy birthday to Shirley!

Beverly said...

I'm so glad you guys got to be there for Shirley's party! What fun! It reminds me of the whirlwind trip we made to surprise them for their 50th wedding anniversary.