Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dog Advice

Dear Libby,
I am very concerned about the happenings of last evening. My mom came home with some very starteling news and I just can't believe that it would be true. She said that you had run away. Is that possible? Why, sista-girl? Why?

Don't you know the rules of K-9 ownership? Law 36B, part 2: Dogs owned by loving and caring humans must not and shall not run away from home, causing unnecessary duress to said owners. Do you know what the consequences could be? I won't even go into that, we'll talk the next time we get together.

Think about it before you do anything rash again. Your parents love you. You get free food and water, a great backyard, and don't even get me started about the free baby-food crumbs. You're in heaven. Heaven, I tell you.

I am also concerned that you were found at a neighbors house. Do you think they will take care of you any better? You've already got the best. What could be better? Stay home. Keep your eyes focused on what you've got. Nothing on the other side of that fence is better than what you already have. Take it from me, sista-girl, you've got it good.

Keep your chin up. Let's get together and chat over a rawhide soon.


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aaron and betsy said...

Hi Hai, I appreciate your concern about my situation. I know I have some problems, but being part border collie AND lab, I sometimes have the urge to see the world....without my leash. It was a BLAST! Only now I fear that my dad and mom may take me to a psychotherapist....or worse yet...the old dog-yeller....or is it whisperer.....I can't remember. Yesterday was just a bad day. The morning seemed to be going just fine until I went for a car ride, only to realize we were going to the vet. It was time for a vaccination. (I think that now I may have the beginning signs of autism from the shot.) When we got home, my house was in disarray as my dad was painting the kitchen cabinets. This went on the whole day. I even tried to help and got some paint on my ear to my dad’s dismay. All I know is that when the opportunity arose for me to escape from the fumes in the house, I knew I had to take it….Today I have had much time to ponder my situation. I do thank you for your advice. Being abandoned by my mother at such a young age and having to overcome the fact that in puppy school I was labeled an ESL learner, has left some scars. I hope that with time I will be able to learn from my past mistakes and not feel that I have to be the pack leader….As the great American statesman Patrick Henry once said, “Give me Liberty or give me death.”

I hope to see you soon pal. Let’s form a support group. You can help me work on my compulsive escapes and I’ll help you with not wanting to eat library books.

Woof, woof,

Liberty Belle