Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Flight of Terror

While driving to school this morning, I heard a report about a young boy who survived a two hour flight from a small Russian town to Moscow today. No big deal, right--except that he was riding on the wing of the plane! No one knows how he got there--or how he survived. It reaches up to -58 degrees on the wing of an airplane in flight and travels at speeds up to 560 mph. Can you imagine the terror? You can read the full article on CNN.

I got to thinking that this young boy's flight is similar to our walk with God--we don't really know how we got there, we hold on for dear life and when we're done, we're not sure how we surivived. Only by the grace of God.


Ski said...

Sounds like what Ted, Beverly and family are going through right now. It may not seem like it now but there is a reason and it will end. Thanks for sharing the story.

Anonymous said...

yeah, we are pretty excited about the new place. . .
and we will for sure have to take you up on your offer to help. . .from the looks of your pictures, you two are pros by now!

the pics from haiku's birthday are awesome!