Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Like Baseball!

So, maybe that statement is a little strong. A more true statement might be I tolerate baseball.

My husband is a big baseball and football fan and loves watching games both live and on TV (he'll settle for a radio broadcast if forced). He also enjoys basketball and hockey, but here in Denver you have to have cable to get the "Altitude" network to see those games, so he sacrifices being able to watch those. I sacrifice, too, you know.

Since we've been married I have learned much about the world of sports. Like most married women my age, I've been introduced to the likes of "SportsCenter" and "PTI". I know what "K" stands for in baseball and why some guys have stickers on their helmets in football. I know there is a difference between the American League and the National League, although I can't tell you what teams are in what League. I now know that when the sports commentators are talking about the "Tight End" in football they are referring to an actual player and not something else.

I have been to more sporting events than I can count over the last few years--baseball, football, lacrosse...and I can tell you my favorite snack at Coors Field can only be purchased on the third level or in the outfield stands (thank you, Krista). You better plan ahead because Tornadoughs are only served through the 7th inning.

I haven't had a hard time getting into football--I understand the basic strategy and positions. There is a lot of action and the game keeps moving. The season is short--16 games or so.

Baseball, on the other hand, has its slow moments, to say the least. I don't understand the positions, except pitcher, that's pretty easy. But I honestly thought up until a few years ago that each team had one pitcher who pitched the whole game. I mean, how hard can it be to throw a ball? Games tend to bore me--I could be doing dishes or something more exciting. Plus, they play like 200 games! I can't keep track of that! I've got a life here people!

But now that the weather has turned cooler and the leaves have changed into pretty shades of yellow and red, the Rockies have heated up! We're playing the Philadel- phia Phillies at home tonight (we'll watch it at a friends house because it's on cable) and I am actually excited. Call me a bandwagon fan--but who isn't these days? If the season were only like a month long, I could really get into this.

Go Rockies! You can be sure I'll be a loyal and faithful fan every year (at least for the month of October).

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Flogger said...

Thanks for the lovely shot of the changing leaves! Some of us don't have these beautiful nature scenes bless our days!!!

As for the Rockies, it is always exciting to have a new team join in the fray! Can't believe they got their pitching straightened out after so many years of trying to develop a staff. They appear to be a team of destiny this year! Only time will tell!!!