Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Things I Love

Here recently, I've really been thinking about the things I really like. So, I thought I would share. It's my "Top 10" list. Very random.

10. Surprising people at the airport by going inside instead of just doing curb-side pickup.

9. Baby Laughter. We have a number of friends who have infants at that really fun stage--not quite walking/talking, but full of fun energy. I just love it when they get laughing. So cute.

8. Fall. As in Autumn. There is something about this season that is so different from the rest. I love the way the temperature cools down slowly. I love jeans & t-shirt weather. I love the leaves changing color. It's so amazing. I love having to use a blanket while I watch TV or read a book. (although I am known for using one in the summer, too).

7. After writing what I did about fall, I have to include blankets at number 7. I'm a freak. Blame it on my mom, I guess. I always had a blanket when I was little and I've never gotten over the need for one. When I was younger, the blanket had to be a particular one. Now, any one will do. And I have a ton. I love that feeling of being a little chilled and grabbing a blanket to wrap up.

6. Coming in at number 6 would have to be the water. Yes, water. For a number of reasons. One being, it's about all I drink. I'm a freak that way. I don't really drink juice and I gave up most soda right before we got married. I'm kind of boring that way.

Another reason water has to be on my list is that I like almost all things water-related. I'm not a big fan of the old swimsuit, but I can deal with that. Water parks, pools, lakes, hot tubs, etc...I'm not a huge beach person--sand can be highly annoying, but a few days here and there at the beach are fun. We don't have too much ocean-front land here in Colorado. I love boats (with motors) and enjoy water skiing and swimming. And, after our trip to Alaska this summer, I love traveling on the water. Cruises are a great vacation. After a long day of skiing or being in the outdoors in winter, a hot tub is a refreshing, relaxing treat. Anyone looking to off-load a hot tub can bring it right to our backyard. We have a great spot and it would get put to good use.

5. School spirit. This last week was D'Evelyn's homecoming week. (The high school where Joel works). I was able to attend the Teacher Comedy Show (which Joel participated in and won--but that's another whole blog) and the school pep assembly. I love it. I love it when kids come together and unite around their school. (It was fun to attend the Air Force Homecoming game back in September, too--everyone was so excited to be there.)

Last Friday, after the pep assembly we attended the Cross Country meet at D'Evelyn. I can't say I've ever attended one before. But, it was really fun. Most of the Varsity Football players were there to cheer on their fellow athletes. We also attended the football game for D'Evelyn on Friday night. We won, by the way, 63-3. I love the cheerleaders, the school traditions, the marching band, all of it. You don't get a lot of school spirit anymore.

4. Listening to a new CD from start to finish in one sitting, the way the artist intended it to be. (very few artists seem to put much thought into a record from start to finish, it seems.) My new favorite CD is by our good friend, Jason Stocker & his CD was well thought-out in this way. You can listen to his CD (or even buy one) by clicking on that link.

3. Funnel Cakes. Yum. I could go for one right now. Hot, crisp, topped with powdered sugar. Yum. I love the way they taste, but I also love them because we're usually at some fun, unusual event when we eat them. I've enjoyed one in the past few years at the Celtic Festival in Estes Park (we attended with some friends), at Lakeside Amusement Park, and I'm sure a few other places I just can't remember right now...

For those of you who don't know, Lakeside is a small amusement park close to our house. We don't usually make a habit of going there--we attended in May when my school had a family night there. The rides are so old the thrill is in not knowing if you'll make it off the ride alive or not. The funny part about that night was that I really wanted a funnel cake, but we didn't have any cash and there was no ATM, so we began looking around for someone we could borrow $4 from. We ran into another teacher we knew and bummed some money of of her. We felt like little kids asking mom for our allowance. It was great.

2. WWII Documentaries. So, I'm kind of a nerd that way. There's just something about the era that we don't have anymore--a sense of community and pride and a reason for fighting--freedom. I've really enjoyed the new series, The War, on PBS. I loved Band of Brothers, too. Both of my grandfather's participated in WWII and I am so proud of that heritage.

1. And coming in at number one...Awesome fly-overs at sporting events or firework shows. We got to see 2 on the fourth of July in Boston and another one at the Homecoming game at the Air Force Academy. Even higher on my Top 10 list is when they coincide with the cool part of the Star Spangled Banner. (...and the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air...)

So, that's my list. Obviously there are lots more things I love like spending time with friends and family, the holidays and all those other important ones. This was just my list of random things I love! I'd love to know the things you like. I'm always looking for new things to enjoy!


Ski said...

Lakeside . . . where I first rode a roller coaster perched between daddy and Rhonda. Way back then the seats had a divider and I was perched on that with the bar that went across the lap. I remember screaming the whole time and then when we got off I asked to go again. My dad just laughed. Rhonda opted out of the second round so I got to sit down in a seat. Wonder if it's the same roller coaster. Thanks for brining back that memory.

As a teenager we always headed over to Eliches. Is it still around?

my3boys said...

At our house, whenever we hear loud jets coming, we stop whatever we are doing and knock each other down so that we can get outside to see them fly over. Our house must be on some "jet path" on the way to Invesco or Coors Field, because we get several of these treats per year.