Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dress in the Dark

This past week was Homecoming Week at Joel's school. Wednesday was "Dress in the Dark" day, which basically means wear a totally crazy, tacky outfit. I think Joel would have scored a "10" for creativity. The sad part is, his mom had an equally "creative" outfit, and I neglected to get a picture.

On Thursday, they had a "Last Teacher Standing" comedy show again. You might remember that Joel won it 3 years ago. Last year he should have won again, but lost in a "rap off" when the judges couldn't decide who won the comic routine. He was robbed.

This year was his year again. He won, hands down. And Anders even got to appear on stage. It was lots of fun and the kids just love to have him as a teacher. Wouldn't you?


my3boys said...

Where is this year's video???

Ski said...

It's scary but Joel almost looks like a student instead of a "mature" teacher.