Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Some People's Kids

Some people's kids...

Make a mess while eating in public places.

Scream at the top of their lungs in public places, making quite the scene.

Throw temper tantrums in church.

Shriek loudly when they don't get their way.

Have food, dirt and other foreign debris on their clothing while out in public.

Wrestle with their friends over a toy.

All of the above simultaneously.

I am now a proud card-carrying member of the "Some People's Kids" Club.

Joining is easy. Dealing with the nasty glares from the "My Kid Will Never Do That" Club Members is the challenge. But don't worry. Those club members almost always convert to the "SPK" Club at some point.

I did.


Ski said...

Us too! And we've learned not to say "my kid will never do that." or "we'll never let our kids do (eat, drink, etc.)___________."

my3boys said...

What about the past tense people? Those are the ones that really irritate me! "My kids never did that!" Yeah, right.

Annadee said...

Love this post. I am SO in the "SPK" club. We are flying again in two weeks and I can already see and feel the nasty glares!

Beverly said...

Yup!! Good luck to Annadee...when I flew with Lucan (my "easy" baby) from Dayton to Salt Lake, he pretty much screamed at least 60% of the flight time. And I was seated next to a non-fatherly figure, maybe 40ish man, with no wedding ring. We didn't chat. We didn't make eye contact. I sat huddled against the window in my seat, trying to discreetly shove my boob in Lucan's mouth to get him to nurse...pretty much anything I could do to get him to shut up. Yeah, I was THAT LADY with the screaming baby. Sigh.

Jeni said...

Hi I am Jeni and I'd like to say that I'm a member of the overseas "SPK" club! haha!

Everybody does it over here. Just give 'em candy...that'll help. I don't know how every Arab lady has hard candy in her purse at all times. ugh!!! Oh, and when I try to correct Joseph in public the Arabs look at me and say..."leave him! he's just a child!"