Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I'm really sad tonight because Anders is sick. It makes me so sad to see him suffer. He caught some virus from who knows where and has had a fever off and on for the last two days and now a rash that has come and gone throughout the day. The doctor said we should keep him away from people for a few days. Well, except for me.

I get to stay home with him all day. For the next two days. Alone.

Which is fine, because I'm his mom. And the upside is, he's a little more snuggly than normal. (Which is saying a lot). And I'll take a few snuggles here and there when I can get them.

But, it also bums me out because we're missing out on some fun stuff. Like today.

We stayed home from my Bible Study. It was only week #2 of a study in Revelation and I really didn't want to miss. And, we were supposed to watch my friend's daughter, like we do every Wednesday (she watches Anders on Tuesdays & I watch one of her kids on Wednesdays--it works great), but decided we better not risk exposing her to his germs.

Tomorrow I was supposed to watch another friend's baby (like I usually do on Thursdays--this is my way of getting my girl fix--playing with dolls, dressing them in pink...). But no go tomorrow. Too contagious.

Friday I was supposed to go out to lunch and to the mall with a friend and her son. And I'm sure we would have squeezed some Rock Band in during nap time. But again, no go. He'll still most likely be contagious. And better to be safe, than sorry.

I'm not really a sit at home and do nothing kind of person. Can you tell?

So tonight as I was choosing to feel a bit sorry for myself, and mostly sorry for Anders, I had a realization (or maybe a Revelation?): God doesn't like it when we're spiritually sick; we miss out on some good stuff.

He gives us everything we need to make ourselves better, like medicine when we're physically sick. God gives us His Word, other believers, a church body, worship, prayer...and the list goes on. But just like medicine, we must take in His gifts in order to make ourselves better. Much like when we're physically sick and dependent on friends and loved ones, we must be fully dependent upon Him to heal our spiritual illness.

And I've realized tonight, I've got some work to do.

God, did you really have to make my son sick for me to realize this? A sticky note on my Bible would have sufficed.


my3boys said...

I sure hope Anders is on the mend!

And I just thought I'd tell you that I, too, have asked God for a sticky note now and then. Seriously. But I've never gotten one. A bonk on the head (quite frequently that's what it takes) sure, but no sticky notes.

Betsy said...

I hope Anders is feeling better Sarah. It is so hard to watch the little ones when they are sick and not be able to take it away for them. Hang in there!