Friday, September 04, 2009

Anders' Stats

Anders had his one year check up yesterday and I had this thought:

Why aren't the pediatrician's examination rooms baby proofed & filled with toys? It boggles my mind that I'm supposed to wrestle my one year old for 20-30 minutes while we wait for the doctor, then wait for the nurse to come back with shots, then wait, wait, wait! I was sweating when I left.

The good news is Anders is a healthy one year old! Here he is by the numbers:

23 lbs (59th%)
30.5 inches tall (71st%)
18 inches head (28th%)

He had 4 shots yesterday & did really well with it. I think it might be harder on me than it is on him. Well, maybe not.

I did learn something new though. "They" (whoever "they" are) are now recommending that babies stay in a rear-facing car seat until they are 2 years of age. So now that Anders is totally used to & loving seeing out the front window I'm supposed to turn him back around? I'm not sure that's a battle I'm ready to fight. Thoughts? Has anyone else heard this news?

On a much lighter note, Anders had a fun (although rather normal day) on his actual birthday. We spent the day with 4 of his friends & even had a chance to take a picture (it's a miracle!). We'll do some real celebrating with friends & family this weekend!

My friend, Annadee, is our official photographer (she's Elijah's mom--on the far left) & she has a website if you ever need a photographer. She's really good!


my3boys said...

That picture IS a miracle.

And I did hear that "rear facing until 2" news recently and I told the person that they couldn't have heard right! That is just crazy! Thier little legs are too long. That doesn't even make sense to me!

Nathan Charlan said...

Let the boy see!!! Zach can't even properly hold his head up or at least couldn't when hes started sitting in his seat and he has been fine. I don't know how "they" think this is possible without a child screaming every time they are in the car.

Anonymous said...

AAP comments on rear-facing car seats. There is a well known myth that toddlers in rear-facing car seats whose feet can reach the back of the vehicle seat are more likely to suffer injuries to their legs in a car accident, however these injuries are NOT common in rear-facing seats.

New research indicates that children under 2 years of age are 75% less likely to die or experience serious injury when they ride in a rear-facing car seat and, toddlers between 1 and 2 years of age are 5 times safer than toddlers who ride in a front-facing car seat.

The reason behind this conclusion is pretty simple. When an accident occurs and a child is rear facing the force of the accident is distributed evenly over the entire body, forward facing children, because the force of the car crash is concentrated on seat belt contact points, can suffer from neck and head injuries because children’s necks are weak and their heads are disproportionately large for their little necks. Dr. Bull, who wrote the commentary for Pediatrics, states, “…it is far better to send children to orthopedic specialists to have lower extremities treated, than to send them to neurological specialists to have cervical spine injuries treated.”

Annadee said...

Elijah's pediatrician also told me at his 1 year visit that "they" suggest keeping him rear facing. Just when I was excited to turn him around to see the world!! She did say however that it does make her nervous when they are rear facing because you can't see what they are doing and they could possibly get their little hands on something and choke while you can't see them. I am still deciding what to do.

Thanks for the plug by the way. You are too sweet! :) See you Sunday!

Jeni said...

71st% wow!!!! He and Jojo can be tall together, even though they'll have such opposite hair! ;)

Americans are such freaks about safety...rear facing until they're 2!?!!!! Arabs hardly even put them in car seats!!!

I say car seats are very important...good luck on deciding what to do!

That picture of all the babies is soooo cute!!! I love all the differences! :) I just might have to contact your friend about taking pics while we're in the States!

I always love reading your blog!!! Lots of love to you!! :)

gergandnique said...

I agree... that picture was a miracle! Oh, and I agree with the car seat! Ryan would have to be in half to fit with his long legs!