Sunday, November 05, 2006

Day Off

Joel & I were able to enjoy a great day off from work on Friday, October 27. We had been looking forward to it for some time as October is always a very busy month for teachers (parent/teacher conferences, progress reports, etc...). We were able to sleep in, enjoy the day & oh yes, clean! My parents were coming in to town on Friday evening, so we needed to do the usual cleaning for houseguests. Joel said, "It's a good thing your parents come to town so often so we have to clean!" Otherwise, it just doesn't get done. :) Can I get an "amen"?

Just as we were finishing up, I was in the guest room doing something and stubbed my little pinky toe. It hurt, so I took off my sock & examined my toe. It was fine, so I kept working. A little while later, I went downstairs and told Joel my toe still hurt & took off my sock again. This time it was turning black & blue and swelling up to be quite the little sausage. It's now more than a week later, still bruised & swollen & still hurts quite badly. Don't scroll down if you have a weak stomach--there are pictures.

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