Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Let it Snow!

In the past 24 hours it has snowed about 6 inches here in our little city. (This picture is of our mailbox piled with snow) We love the snow, but we love it even more when it brings with it a snow day for school. But, no such luck for us. Just cold weather came with this storm--2 degrees overnight tonight. Joel has shoveled the walk 2x--once last night and once this AM, probably before most of you were out of your warm bed! :) The snow sure is beautiful & is a great visual reminder of what God has done for us--washed as clean as snow with salvation by grace through faith alone. Can you tell I've been reading Romans?

It is a big mess here around Denver--lots of accidents and slip-sliding on the roads! But, despite how the news likes to make it look, it doesn't really snow all that often here in Denver. It snows a lot in the mountains, but not in town! More snow is on the way for Saturday...

Check back in a few days for our "electronic" Christmas letter!


Amos said...

Yep, we were just there and I was waiting for snow, but no such luck. We have "snow" here in Oklahoma today, well really ice and sleet, and the weathermen are calling it vicious. You can read about my little rant on my blog. It sures does make everything beautiful even though you slip and slide.

Ski said...

For the last four days we were hoping for a snow day here in Oregon. We get less snow than you do! We just had a dusting of snow and the freezing rain last night was only east of us in the Gorge. They closed I-84 due to ice. I miss the snow storms that turn everything white and the quiet that comes with them. I used to love to go for a walk on night after it snowed and the sky was clear, everything sparkled.