Saturday, November 11, 2006

In the Process...

Since my parents were here, I have been motivated to work on house projects again. It seems that my motivation sways from scrapbooking (my first love) to house projects (becoming my second love). I'm praying my third "love" will kick in next year--gardening. No such motivation in that area right now. So last weekend I worked on painting the guest room. Previously it had been the "knitting room" & had been used for crafts & office space. The carpet is in good shape, although it is bright green. The bathroom is also very nice-- already painted, new flooring, toilet, mirror & light fixture! So, I set about the task of painting the guest room. My parents had already pushed everything to the center of the room, so that made it a bit easier. You can see the color-barely. It's a nice green. It's very light during the day & it warms up in the evening. I like it! It looks nice with the comforter & new ceiling fan. My mom & I also finished the curtains for room, too. I hope to finish before Thanksgiving!

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