Sunday, November 05, 2006


Even with a broken toe (I think that must be what it is), my mom, dad, Joel & I were able to officially "clean the garage"!!! It was a huge project & Joel and I know we couldn't have done it without help! When we moved in, the garage was so full of stuff we could only fit Joel's car in it (see the blog about his car being stolen & you'll understand why his car, not mine, had a home inside!). When the weather turned a bit chilly, I was determined not to have to scrape the car (why did we buy a house if I still had to scrape the car???) so, I worked on the garage just enough to fit both cars in it. Both fit--barely. We were door-dinging each other and it was getting a bit annoying.

So, with some help, we officially got it organized. With one trip to Goodwill & one trip to the dumpsters for recycyling, it's clean!!! It's beautiful!!! It's an official "Man Room!". We love it. Everything has a place--the garden tools are all hung neatly, boxes are off of the floor & Joel has a place to work at his bench. Thanks mom & dad!

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Ski said...

The garage looks great! Want to come out and do our garage? Half of my teaching stuff is in the garage, the other is in a spare room upstairs,oh the joys of not having your own classroom. I know and understand how busy the fall is for teachers and I was wondering if Joel is going to start writing again? I enjoy reading his writing on his blog.